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Ladakh Pangong Lake Sightseeing

Pangong Lake
Did you miss the 'happy ending' climax of the Bollywood blockbuster '3 Idiots'? Once in Leh and Ladakh, you'll be able to a minimum of visit the captivating background wherever the scene was shot. Pangong Lake (also known as Pangong Tso), the heavenly spectacle on the planet, boasts of remarkable grandeur and is not any but a nice surprise on the barren land. Extending from India to Tibet, the lake is currently oft visited by tourists, geologists, and filmmakers from everywhere the globe. spend 2 days of your trip to fully savor the magnificence of Pangong Lake.
Mesmerizing Attractions of Pangong Lake
The blue shade of lake's salty waters could be a visual treat to the eyes. Soaring mountain peaks encasing Pangong Lake add value to the overwhelming read. Ducks and gulls mob the lake's surface and add melody to the atmosphere with their cries. The lake resting at 14,270 ft. height guarantees cool and gratifying weather throughout summers. The calm and pollution-free atmosphere adds to the delight.
Experiencing the Best of Pangong
Nothing will equal the pristine splendor of Pangong Lake on a full-moon night. the large silver sphere shinning higher than the mountains creates beautiful reflections within the waters, though 'fails to vary the blue shade of the lake.
Camping at some villages close to onshore are some things utterly enthralling. There are tented accommodations you'll book if you don't worry the tough weather in the night. The most important reward would be the beautiful sunrise and sunset views.
Being at Pangong Lake on a cloudy day is another nice chance. Looking white cotton items drifting over mountains is on the far side description.
Visit the lake throughout the migratory season and you get to explore various bird species like Brahmini ducks, seagulls, and black-necked cranes.
Useful Access Information
Located about 214 km. From Leh, Pangong Lake will be accessed after five hour-long dramatic mountainous journeys from this largest Ladakh city. One should cross 'The Crazy Stream' close to the lake before noon when that it blocks the road. Bring heat garments and packed food and water if you intend to be at the lake for extended.
Pangong Lake is among the foremost sparkly gems of Leh and Ladakh. With our seasoned travel services within the region, you'll be able to offer the simplest shot to the rendezvous with this natural marvel.
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