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Shimla: The Best Tour destination

Shimla is not an anonymous destination for any travel enthusiast because of this wonderful destination for sure included in everyone’s ‘must visit’ list. Shimla is considered to be one of the best places to visit due to obvious reasons and one of them is the sanity in the atmosphere. A lot has been said about the snow factor that governs the location, but it is the Victorian architecture of the place that actually makes you fall in love with the place. The capital city of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is a popular summer retreat. Another interesting fact about the place is that during the British Era, the officials used to shift bases here in order to escape the scorching summer heat that India is popular for.

Shimla Tour is considered to be the first choice for honeymooners and the only choice for those who are looking for some quality time amidst snowy heaven. Shimla remains full of travelers from different corners of the globe and this for the record, includes international travelers too. ‘Shimla’ the name actually originates from the mythological word ‘Shymali Devi’ the incarnation of Hindu Goddess Kali. A population of the region with ease crosses 145, 000 with maximum people belonging to the Pahadi community. However, you will easily find people belonging to Punjabi and Sindhi community too. The higher altitude part of the region consists of ancient artifact and buildings belonging to the vintage era that still reflect perfect architecture. Meanwhile, one can find the local markets and restaurants in the lower areas.

Shimla is located at an altitude of 2200m above sea level and is a combination of beauty and adventure. If you are a travel enthusiast who prefers adventure then you must know that the place holds several trekking routes as well. The snow laden mountains and scenic views are just a delight for photographers, who travel from different locations just to capture unique views in their lenses. If you are coming from the capital city of New Delhi then travel via Shatabdi Express railway, which takes around 4hours to reach Shimla.

Factors like climatic conditions, historic value and impeccable beauty establish Shimla as a once in a lifetime affair. However, if you are not an Indian citizen then the services of travel consultants might be required for the better travel experience. Get an experienced travel consultant who educates you about the location as well.

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